a little more than a year ago we launched GiveTT (www.give.co.tt) to help local NGOs and Charities get access to a new method of funding via online credit card donations. We are proud to say that we were the first non profit organization offering this service to T&T.

Our hope was that within a year, enough donations would have been made to sustain the basic operations of our service. Our operational cost includes monthly fees that must be paid towards technology and banking providers, and monthly work including social media marketing, business development and accounting.

Unfortunately the volume of donations we were hoping for did not materialize, so we are still struggling to provide the value we were hoping to provide to NGOs and Charities, including social media marketing, training, business networking and international visibility. This is despite many successful fundraising campaigns done by a few dynamic organizations within our network.

At this stage we can no longer support the service financially. Give T&T will no longer accept donations from December 1st 2018. As an alternative method of donation, we are happy to support www.FundMeTnT.com ; please have a look and consider using their service.

Thank you for your support throughout this exciting venture!