About Give T&T

Give T&T is a secure internet service that allows Charities and NGOs of Trinidad & Tobago to receive donations via credit card payments online from anywhere in the world.

Registered Charities and NGOs benefit from:

  • a large network of donors from T&T and the international diaspora
  • safe & secure transactions and confidential treatment of information
  • no signup/hosting fees – low transaction fees
  • unlimited duration of fundraising campaigns
  • free promotion across our social network

Foundations, Networks, Fundraising groups can help Charities and NGOs they oversee, as a result they get:

  • faster response to ad-hoc queries (any charity coming to you can be helped right away by registering them on Give T&T)
  • accurate and transparent reporting (your organization gets monthly reports detailing donations to charities you oversee)
  • low overheads (you don’t need to manage funds, we do it for you)