Application process

Give T&T service is aimed at helping Charities / Non-Profit organizations of Trinidad & Tobago raise funds. If you are a Charity / Non-Profit organization of T&T you can register for this service. There will be no fee for you to use Give T&T service.

If you wish to use the Give T&T service, please apply by sending an email to or fill the form below.

The process:

1- once we receive your application, we will contact you and verify your information. We want to make sure you exist and are a real charity 🙂

2- you will be required to provide ID information and details about your organization. While we focus on legally registered Charities / Non-Profit organizations, you may qualify if you provide equivalent evidence of a valid status. We understand that not all charities have the time and money to go through the governmental registration process.

3- you will have to help us put together a profile for you on our website, to get the fundraising process started.

4- we will then promote your charity across T&T and the world via social media. We hope you will do same. Our role is to give you a way to raise funds and promote this with our limited means. We count on you to also do your part.

5- once we start receiving donations you will receive reports. At this stage we can only provide you reports on a monthly basis. Reports will include how many donations are being made to your organization and who are the donors.

6- Donations will be distributed monthly to your RBL bank account. If you wish to have funds deposited on a different schedule or to another account, please inform us. This may carry a different cost.