Build-A-Band 2.0

The Build-A-Band campaign was started in 2014 in Southern California, USA as a means of raising funds to acquire and maintain the  instruments and equipment necessary to run a successful music program at the University of the Southern Caribbean. The campaign received tremendous support from the members of the Southern California Alumni Association and friends, enabling USC Music to begin its first full instrumental program which has now blossomed with the development of our Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra and University Choir & Orchestra ensembles. The instruments donated and purchased were also used to begin our first feeder program – the CUC Secondary School Concert Band which now has over 30 kids participating – many of whom never played an instrument before joining the group.

There continues to be a great need for the purchasing of additional instruments and equipment to achieve the maximum potential of these ensembles and to continue to expand and develop the music program. Some of our immediate instrumental needs include the following:

1) Baritone Sax
2) Vibraphone
3) Xylophone
4) Marimba
5) Concert Chimes
6) Acoustic Shell

There is also the need for the purchase of library storage equipment and cases as well as several other brass, woodwind and percussion instruments for the support of our music degree programs, USC Music Academy and other feeder systems.

Please partner with us by making a contribution today to our Build-A-Band 2.0 fund and help fuel a dream which will provide a lifetime of returns.

Thank you for your support!