Kendo club shinai for beginners

The Trinidad based Kendo dojo needs your help to replenish its stock of shinai. Twice a year we run a beginner’s class for about 20-25 people each time and lend them our club shinai for free. This is to keep individual costs to a minimum in a country where the average salary is around US$1,000/month. […]

QPJC Judo Club

The Queen’s Park Judo Club is a non-profit organization recognized as the pioneer for Judo in T&T. One of the club’s main objectives is to increase participation in judo, especially among school children. Over the club’s history, the “character” of the club can best be described as being similar to one of the 2 main […]

Gabriella Wood – Judoka

<insert proper text here> By international Judo standards, Gabriella Wood is small in stature. And that’s what she found out when she entered a training camp at the Hungarian Olympic Training Centre Gabby, as the 20 year old T&T Women’s Champion (Open Category) is fondly referred to, arrived in Budapest, Hungary on Sunday, after traveling […]