Horses Helping Humans

HHH offers a variety of equine supported activities for everyone! From Hippo Therapy, to Equine Facilitated Therapy, to natural horsemanship riding lessons, we cater to people of all ages and abilities!

In Trinidad and Tobago it is estimated that 13,000 people are living with autism, inclusive of children. This is based upon statistical data provided by the United Nations, whereby 1% of every nation consisting of both boys and girls have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However medical experts believe local statistics can be higher.


For a population of just over 1.3 million people, these statistics are at an alarming rate. It is for this said reason, Horses Helping Humans (HHH) was founded in 2012 and subsequently registered as a Non Government Organisation (NGO).

The organisation operates through programme funding, sponsorship and volunteerism.