The USC Music Scholarship Fund

The USC Music Scholarship Fund has been established as a means of providing music students at the University of the Southern Caribbean with the financial assistance needed to achieve their dreams of completing an undergraduate degree and pursuing a career in music. Though our BA in Music (Music Education emphasis) degree is one of the most comprehensive and dynamic undergraduate music degrees available anywhere in the region, the fact that it is not currently GATE funded (due to its recency) proves a serious disadvantage for students from Trinidad and Tobago who want to pursue this degree. Our scholarship fund will help to provide bolt local and international students with much-needed assistance to make the choice of studying music at USC a reality rather than a dream.

The Scholarship Fund is operated as an Endowment Fund, so your contribution will keep on giving for years to come whether you decide to give a one-time donation or to become a sustaining donor. The Fund is managed by the Music Department in conjunction with the University’s Scholarship Committee with strict guidelines as to the criteria to be used for appropriation of funds. These include overall performance, maintaining good grades, good citizenship, financial need etc. Scholarships are awarded in the following categories:

1) Performance Scholarships

2) Named Scholarships

3) Special Needs Scholarships

Donors have the ability to determine whether their contributions will go toward the establishment of a specific named scholarship with particular criteria or if their funds will go toward the general endowment allocation.

We urge you to partner with us as we seek to make it easier for talented young students to benefit from the advantages of a christian education at the University of the Southern Caribbean.

Thank you for your support!